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CTRL Coffee and Cereal
Cereal Bar in Omaha
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CTRL Lemonade Shaker In Omaha

Instant Food & DRINKS, for Instant SATISFACTION


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CTRL is a casual place to explore new tastes, meet friends, for the business CHATS, to spend pleasant time with a COFFEE, DRINK or your favorite Cereal

Taste the difference
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Taste the difference
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Taste the difference
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CTRL is your local friendly coffee shop, cereal bar, and place to get your retro gaming on!

We provide a fun vibe, delicious locally roasted coffee, and 30 different cereals for you to make your own.

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our history

We had an idea for a little coffee shop, cereal bar and retro gaming spot. It was a brainstorm we came up with.

We wanted something fun, unique, a way to stand out a bit. I kept going back to Saturday mornings.

My grandparents drinking coffee at the table. A big bowl of cereal and video games. So what better way to brand our new shop than by combining all three! CTRL was born!

F is for FUN


Finding the perfect spot in Downtown Omaha to bring this idea to life! 

A great team with a great vision brought things to reality better than imagined!



An awesome space for everyone that we call home just 3 minutes from the Durham Museum in Downtown Omaha.

The first CTRL Coffee & Cereal Bar! 

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Exterior of CTRL Coffee & Cereal Bar


Calling all local #OMA makers!

We have this sweet furniture wall we put together at CTRL and have filled it with cool/fun/funky gear from local makers.

If you want to sell your stuff at our shop, shoot us a message! If you know someone who may be interested, tag them below!


the best part of your day

The best part for us is watching the joy on the faces of young & old alike enjoying the space the way we had hoped for. It truly is so amazing.

Are you ready to see what's in store? Tap below to check out the menu!